5 Winter Trucking Tips for Freight Carriers


Fall has just begun, and temperatures have just started to dive, but while everyone enjoys the cooler air and preps for Halloween, freight companies begin to think about their vehicles and how to prepare for the winter.


If this doesn’t describe you as an owner-operator, it should! In many parts of the country that experience extreme cold, winter can be the riskiest time of year for your drivers and their vehicles. 


Keep reading for 5 tips on how to ensure the safety of your drivers and proper upkeep of your vehicles in the cold, so that when winter rolls around, you’ll be ready!

Don’t slack on pre-road inspections.

Pre-trip inspections should already be a norm with your truckers, but in the winter, especially in frigid and snowy regions, you should check your vehicles far more often. Be sure to check the tires, wipers, fluids, and lights. That all of these are working properly is twice as important during inclement winter conditions.

Pack each truck with the essentials in case of an emergency.

Here are just a few items every trucker needs to be prepared with in case of emergency:

Plan each trip wisely.

The best way to avoid emergencies is to plan, plan, and plan some more. Take note of truck stops and weather predictions on your route in order to map the best route possible. Encourage your drivers to use a weather app to stay up-to-date on weather changes on their routes.

Drive defensively.

Your drivers should already be well-trained on driving safely, including watching their speed, braking and accelerating lightly, and watching out for black ice and other weather conditions that can imperil themselves and others. Yet, they can’t control the driving behavior of others. Remind your drivers to drive defensively by allowing plenty of space between themselves and others on the road.

Prepare financially for truck damage.

The winter season is rough on trucks. You never want to imagine one of your drivers having an accident, but in the event that one of your vehicles gets damaged, you want to be financially prepared. Get set up with an excellent freight invoice factoring company like Apex Factoring or OTR Capital Factoring today to ensure you have the necessary funds to keep your company afloat in a situation like this.

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