A factoring company is one of the most important partner choices a trucking company owner would make. The industry is known for the difficulty of canceling contracts, and it’s crucial that you make the right decision from the start. We reviewed the most searched factoring companies on the internet to find a company that provides the best financial services to help your company maintain sufficient cash flow. To keep this content free for you, our reader, we signed on the best factoring company as our partner. Commission we receive from them funds our efforts in research and delivery of information you may find useful. Unlike so many review pages out there, our policy is maximum transparency. To learn more about our compensation structure and our relationship with our partner, click here. To find out how we rank companies, click here. While we've conducted thorough research to provide these recommendations, please note that our review is not a guarantee of service quality. Always conduct your own due diligence before making a decision. Here are our findings.
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#1 Top Pick

We analyzed some of the most popular factoring companies, and here is why OTR Solutions (previously known as OTR Capital) is #1

In our comprehensive review of trucking factoring services, we took a multi-faceted approach to evaluate each company. While we found that most companies offer flexibility in key areas like recourse vs. non-recourse factoring, contract length, reserve requirements, and minimum volumes, it’s crucial to note that the industry has a reputation for not always delivering on promises. Therefore, we focused our analysis on the following key metrics:

Customer Satisfaction and Reputation

We didn’t just rely on average Google review scores. We went a step further. We analyzed the most recent reviews using artificial intelligence for sentiment analysis. This provided us with a summarized view of customer sentiment for each company, offering a more nuanced understanding of their reputation.

Financial Stability

Due to copyright restrictions, we can’t publicly share the stability score or the name of the major credit agency (E*******n) we initially sought to use for evaluating each company’s financial health. However, we’ve created well-explained equivalents to help you make an informed decision right from the start. These equivalents are designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of where each company stands financially. Although the credit agency didn’t respond to our inquiries—likely because we’re a smaller business—you can still get the specific score and agency name by contacting us privately here.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Data

The BBB’s grading system is more complex than just tallying complaints. Therefore, we’ve divided this metric into two separate categories: the BBB grade and the number of complaints. This allows for a more comprehensive view of a company’s standing with the BBB.

Customer Satisfaction And Reputation Based On Google Reviews.

1. OTR Solutions ★ Best Score

494 reviews (as of date of writing this article)

OTR Solutions (previously known as OTR Factoring) has 2 locations. One in Roswell, GA and another in Phoenix, AZ. The one in Roswell, GA has all the reviews. We took the latest ones, gave them to an artificial intelligence system, and it provided us with a summary.

OTR Solutions enjoys a strong reputation for its efficient service, competitive rates, and quick payments. Customers frequently commend the company's responsive and attentive account managers, noting their reliability and transparency. While there are occasional mentions of language barriers and customer service nuances, these are relatively minor in the context of overwhelmingly positive feedback. Overall, the company is highly regarded in its field, with only slight room for fine-tuning in customer service.

2. RTS Financial.

1805 reviews (as of date of writing this article)

RTS financial has 9 locations. 3 of them have reviews. Their Overland Park, KS has the most and the best reviews. Dallas, TX and Lombard, IL reviews are worse. We took their latest reviews from the Overland Park, KS location, gave them to an artificial intelligence system to go through and it provided us with a summary.

RTS Financial has received mixed reviews from customers. While many praise the company's customer service, ease of use, and quick payment processing, there are significant concerns as well. Customers have complained about poor communication, difficulties in exiting contracts, and a decline in service quality over time. Additional criticisms include unexpected fees, limited financial support services, and a lack of urgency in resolving issues. Some even questioned the authenticity of the company's positive reviews. Overall, the company appears to have both strong and weak points, making it a mixed bag for potential clients.

3. Triumph Business Capital

499 reviews (as of date of writing this article)

We found only 1 location in Coppell, TX. We took their latest reviews and gave them to an artificial intelligence system to go through and provide us with a summary.

The reviews for Triumph Business Capital are overwhelmingly negative, with a few positive comments sprinkled in. Customers frequently complain about poor customer service, misleading practices, and issues with payment and factoring services. Many reviewers mention that the company is unresponsive, makes errors that customers have to correct, and holds money in cash reserves that are difficult to access. There are also complaints about hidden terms in contracts and a lack of transparency. While some long-term clients initially had good experiences, they note a decline in service quality over time. A few positive reviews praise the company for being responsive and organized, but these are in the minority. Overall, the company is generally not recommended by most reviewers.

4. TBS Factoring

373 reviews (as of date of writing this article)

All of the TBS Factoring reviews we found are coming from their Oklahoma CIty, OK location. We took their latest reviews and gave them to an artificial intelligence system to go through and provide us with a summary.

The reviews for TBS Factoring Service present a mixed picture. On one hand, many customers praise the company for its excellent customer service, mentioning representatives by name and citing their promptness, professionalism, and helpfulness. These customers appreciate the company's role in helping them secure necessary funds and manage their accounts effectively. On the other hand, there are also numerous negative reviews that raise serious concerns about the company's practices. These reviews describe issues such as unexpected chargebacks, long hold times on customer service calls, and a lack of transparency. Some even go as far as to accuse the company of being fraudulent or damaging to their business. Overall, while some clients seem very satisfied with TBS, others express significant dissatisfaction, citing poor customer service and questionable business practices.


691 reviews (as of date of writing this article)

All of the TAFS reviews we found are coming from their Olathe, KS location. We took their latest reviews and gave them to an artificial intelligence system to go through and provide us with a summary.

The reviews for this factoring company are largely negative. Most reviewers criticize the company's poor customer service, hidden fees, and difficulty in canceling contracts. There are also allegations of withheld payments and dishonest practices. A few positive reviews exist but are vastly outnumbered. Despite the company's responses to these reviews, the overall perception remains negative. The general consensus warns against engaging with this company.

Financial Stability

As we’ve mentioned before, there’s a major credit agency (E******n) that we can’t name in public due to copyright issues. You can reach out to us in private here for full details here. They have a Financial Risk rating that’s grading business on a scale comparable to that of school grades (A, B, C, D, and F).

The score is calculated by looking at various things about the business, like how often they pay their bills late, if they have any debts they haven’t paid, or if they’ve ever gone bankrupt before. It also considers what kind of business it is, because some types of businesses are riskier than others. All this information is used to give the business a score between 1 and 100 and a grade between A and F. This helps you quickly understand if the business is a safe bet or a risky one.

Here’s a list of our top 5 companies sorted by their grade

RTS FinancialA
OTR SolutionsB
Triumph Business CapitalB
TBS FactoringC

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is a household name when it comes to grading businesses, but we’ve noticed something interesting: the number of complaints doesn’t seem to weigh heavily enough in their final grades. So, we’re splitting our analysis of their data in 2 and giving you a double dose of insights!

First up, we’ll reveal the number of complaints each company has racked up over the last 12 months and the last 3 years. This will give you an immediate sense of any red flags. Then, we’ll follow up with the general BBB grade, which takes multiple factors into account.

BBB Complaints

Company12 Months3 Years
OTR Solutions39
Triumph Business Capital617
TBS Factoring Service
Not BBB Accredited
RTS Financial
Not BBB Accredited

Overall BBB Grade

OTR SolutionsA+
Triumph Business CapitalA
TBS Factoring
Not BBB Accredited
RTS Financial
Not BBB Accredited

Top-Rated: OTR Solutions Leads the Pack

After meticulous evaluation across multiple key metrics, we are pleased to announce that OTR Solutions secures the top position in our comprehensive rating of trucking factoring services. Here’s why they stand out:

In summary, if you’re in search of a trucking factoring service that excels in customer satisfaction, financial stability, and industry reputation, OTR Solutions is the clear choice.

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