How Has Technology Made Freight Factoring More Accessible?


Technology is an amazing thing. It has transformed the way we think, the way we act, the way we work, and the way we innovate. Believe it or not, it has also had an enormous effect — a positive one — on freight factoring and the way your trucking company operates. 


In the old days, your trucking company likely used paper and phone calls when doing business. Every contract, every delivery, and every form of communication was handled this way, causing a great deal of frustration and disruptions throughout the day. 


Not only does freight factoring minimize these disruptions, but technology in freight factoring has made the process much more straightforward and more valuable to the customer. Some freight factoring companies have mobile apps, some have full online account management systems, and others provide plenty more services or benefits thanks to technology. 


Below, we’re going to take a look at how technology in freight factoring has made it easier for any trucker to do their job each and every day. 


Account Management Systems


The first example we’d like to discuss is the account management system, which essentially acts as your go-to dashboard for just about everything. Apex Capital is a freight factor that takes this to another level with their Account Management Portal (AMP). 


Inside the AMP, your trucking company is allowed to check up on the status of your factored invoices, run credit checks, create invoices, submit invoices, store important documents you might need at a later time, and view aging reports. 


Some freight factoring companies, including Apex Capital and RTS Inc., offer a mobile app to go along with their account management system. This gives you the power to view your information anywhere and at any time. 


All of this is designed to keep you informed about your freight factoring contract. Since organization is vital when running any business, the AMP will become your best friend when attending to your busy daily schedule. 


More Accessible, Less Frustration


Technology in freight factoring has made the service much more accessible and valuable to the customer, which is a good thing for your trucking company.


In addition to everything listed above, technology in freight factoring makes it easier to manage the various other benefits you receive when you choose freight factoring. Everything from your fuel cards to the roadside assistance you receive from your factor, mobile apps give you everything you need when you need it. 


Some apps, like the one created by RTS Inc., can even help you manage certain trips, plan out delivery routes, find open deliveries, and sort through different loads. It’s truly like having your entire business in one, tiny phone. 


If you’re trying to be more efficient with your trucking company, freight factoring does much more than help you with unpaid invoices — as you can see. When it comes to freight factoring, however, no one does it better than Apex Capital and RTS Inc.


Contact us today if you’re looking to find a new freight factoring company or if you’re interested in learning more about what it can do for you.




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