How we make money.

To keep this content free to you, we receive compensation from our partner company (the company rated “number one” on our Site). We receive a fee when one of our readers clicks through to our partner company’s website from our Site.

Note that we don’t review all companies available on the market. We picked some of the most popular, based on online search history, identified important metrics, and set out on a search for a better provider. Once a better company was found, we signed them as our partner.

Our partner cannot pay us to obtain a favorable review or rating. We select the top rated company to be our partner from the findings of our independent reviewers. Those reviewers do not receive direction or direct compensation from any company, including our partner. We do not publish favorable (or unfavorable) reviews or assessments at the direction of any company.
If you have any questions about a company mentioned on our website, including our partner, please feel free to contact us.