Finding Reliable Truck Drivers to Grow Your Freight Company Successfully

Reliable truck drivers are the key to any successful freight company. They show up on time, follow protocol to your standards, stick to the expense budget, and provide quality service to the clients you’ve worked so hard to obtain.    Believe it or not, finding reliable truck drivers is a two-way street. As much as… Read more

What Are Freight Factoring Fuel Cards for Trucking Companies?

It’s no secret that a majority of trucking companies across the United States are utilizing freight factoring services — and for a good reason too. It protects your company’s cash flow, gives you more time to focus on what matters, and gives you the confidence to continue moving forward in your industry.    Believe it… Read more

What Is Cost-Per-Mile & Why Is It Important?

Did you know that the average cost of operating a commercial truck is nearly $180,000? Did you know that each truck you own will use an average of 20,500 gallons of fuel each year? That’s not to mention how much it cost you to purchase the truck and trailer, which can run you another $150,000+!… Read more

How Is Freight Factoring Helping Trucking Companies During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Trucking companies are being overworked during the COVID-19 pandemic and they aren’t getting the appreciation they deserve. With most of the world still quarantined in their homes, truck drivers are still driving thousands of miles each week to ensure deliveries and quotas are met.    Since most companies that need shipments delivered are also being… Read more

Evaluating the Success of Your Trucking Company With These 10 KPIs

If you own a freight or trucking company, chances are you want that business to perform well and exceed expectations. In order to reach the goals you’ve set forth, you’ll need to ensure your business remains organized with up-to-date information.    One of the easiest and most practical ways businesses keep track of your progress… Read more

How to Choose the Best Freight Factoring Company

If your trucking company is constantly dealing with overdue payments from clients, factoring services could very well be the missing piece that keeps your business in good standing. Of course, that will largely depend on which factoring company you choose to partner with.    When trying to find the best freight factoring company for your… Read more

The Many Benefits of Utilizing Freight Factoring Services

When you send out an invoice to a client, you would ideally receive the payment for that invoice shortly after that. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and freight companies often get the short end of the stick compared to other industries.    Overdue payments can eat your business alive and put your cash flow… Read more

How Do Freight Factoring Company Rates Work?

One of the major difficulties a trucking company will face will be in their accounts receivables department. Although the work has been completed, there’s a good chance you won’t see an invoice paid for 30-90 days — and that can put your monthly cash flow at risk.   That’s where a freight factoring company can… Read more

Avoiding Mistakes With Freight Factoring Companies

Dealing with freight factoring companies can save your trucking business from the large number of overdue invoices you see on a monthly basis. At the same time, it can prove to be harmful and costly if not taken seriously.    Much like anything else you do for your business, diligence is going to be important… Read more

3 Ways to Start Growing Your Trucking Company Today

The trucking industry produces nearly $800 billion in revenue every year and that number is expected to continue rising. While that may be all the reason you need to start your own trucking company, many people will find it difficult to get their piece of the cake.    Whether you’re a new company or one… Read more