What is the Difference Between QuickPay and Invoice Factoring?

During these tough financial times, many transportation companies have turned to methods of keeping steady cash flow, including QuickPay and freight factoring.   But what is the difference between the two, and how can you decide which is the best for your business? Ultimately, the choice is up to you, but it helps to have… Read more

5 Costly Freight Factoring Mistakes to Avoid

Freight factoring is a great way to save transportation companies time, money, and energy, but going about invoice factoring in the wrong way can actually cost you time, money, and energy.   Keep reading to learn the top five costly mistakes to avoid when it comes to freight invoice factoring.  Not understanding the benefits of… Read more

How Can Freight Factoring Boost Your Transportation Company’s Efficiency?

We all know that, between rate confirmations, BOLs, lumpers, detention, and other logistical concerns, transportation companies have many balls to juggle (or, more accurately, paperwork to fill out). Of everything you’re managing, keeping track of freight invoices is probably the trickiest and most time-consuming of all.    If you’ve ever dealt with late invoice payments,… Read more

How to Calculate Trucking Fuel Consumption and Cost

Transportation is by no means a cheap endeavor, but of all the expenses transportation companies have to shell out for, fuel is one of the costliest. Knowing how to calculate the cost of your trucks’ fuel consumption is critical for maintaining fuel cost efficiency.   If you don’t know how to effectively calculate your fuel… Read more

Does Your Trucking Business Need a Website?

The trucking industry is old and stands apart from other industries in many ways, but that doesn’t mean it’s out-of-touch with the digital ways of the modern age. All business is becoming more and more digital every year. Especially given the digital shift introduced by the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses are moving online.   So,… Read more

5 Things Every Freight Broker Should Know About Freight Factoring

If your trucking business has ever dealt with late invoice payments, you know the struggle. When a long-haul carrier accepts a load, they will invoice a freight broker to move a shipment of goods. Often, it can take several weeks or months for the freight broker to pay the invoice. Late invoice payments create anxiety… Read more

Banks Not Lending You Money? Freight Factoring Can Help!

With the economy struggling, especially within the trucking industry, many fleet owners and owner operators are finding it increasingly difficult to get approved for a bank loan. Even those that get approved are often too scared to go through with one due to the rates and interest.    If this sounds like you, your trucking… Read more

Starting Your Own Trucking Company? Here’s Some Startup Tips!

Starting a new trucking company during these troubling times is a courageous move, but it’s one that could pay off when done correctly. Of all the things working against your favor in today’s economy, there’s also a lot working in your favor — you just have to take advantage of them.    Whether you’re brand… Read more

What Is the One Thing Every Trucking Company Needs?

When starting your own trucking company, whether you’re an owner/operator or a fleet owner, you’re going to have several obstacles to overcome. Of all the things working against you, cash flow is the one thing that will pose the greatest threat to your survival.    Luckily, there’s one thing out there working in your favor… Read more

How Can Your Trucking Company Get Invoices Paid Faster?

If your trucking company is having a difficult time with the billing process and getting unpaid invoices resolved in a timely manner, you’re not alone. We understand the fear of having to wait 30-90 days before an invoice is paid can have your trucking company worried about its future.     This is an issue most… Read more